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We all know people who always look amazing. There’s just something about the way they’ve put their look together that makes us take special notice. They have an X factor. They look younger than their age. Their faces are brighter, they appear to have more energy, and they look healthier. These people have cracked the code to wearing what suits them, but it’s not always easy to achieve this wardrobe wizardry. Sometimes you just need a little help to work it out, and this is something I do for my clients.

What can I do for you….

I’ll help you find clothes that are the right fit, right style and right colour for you. Together we’ll select a range of garments that make you feel and look fabulous. I’ll help you identify design elements in clothing and show you how those elements work with your body’s proportions. You’ll gain an understanding of your style personality, and once you know what that is, all the hard work is taken out of choosing what to wear. You’ll feel confident and bold in your fashion choices.

Investing in a personal stylist can save you time and money. The aim is to have fewer clothes that you wear more. Working with me is a fun, stress-free process that will make you love your wardrobe and have you ready for any occasion.

My services include establishing a client’s style personality - pinning down the colours, shapes and styles that work for them. I can take clients shopping or shop for them here in New Zealand or in Melbourne, Australia. I can hunt down stunning special occasion wear, or provide men's and woman's wardrobe editing for clients based in Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Auckland.

So check out my packages, or contact me for an obligation-free chat over a coffee, and let’s talk about what you need to do to make your wardrobe shine.


Hi my name is Michelle Macdonald and I have always been interested in Fashion. I studied Fashion and Textiles at Otago University and went on to teach Fashion Design.

More recently I have attended classes at the Istituto Europeo di design school in Italy and this combined with an eye for what clothing works has lead me to Fashion Styling.


Style Flash - $150

One hour meeting to analyse your wardrobe, answer questions, discuss issues and give personalised advice.

Personal Wardrobe Refresh - $500

Personal consultation of your wardrobe in your home. Editing and refining your existing wardrobe for each season. Creating a shopping list to fill in any gaps and give you ideas for future purchases. Defining your style personality based on your shape and proportions, including giving advice on which colours are right for you. Looking at what's already in your wardrobe, discussing what does and doesn't work, and why. Coordinating existing pieces, identifying gaps in your wardrobe, and giving suggestions on where to shop for these items. I can also accompany you on a shopping trip for an extra hourly rate.

Special Occasion Wear - $150 per hour

Consultation that analyses your personal shape, colour, and silhouette to define your style personality. Personal shopping tailored to you - fashion items will be pre-selected and waiting for you to try on. You can choose to shop with me, or I can bring a selection of fashion items to your home.

Male Personal Image - $450 minimum spend, $150 per hour

Consultation that analyses your personal shape, colour, and silhouette to define your style personality. Personal shopping tailored to you - fashion items will be pre-selected and waiting for you to try on. You can choose to shop with me, or I can bring a selection of fashion items to your home. I don't have to spend a lot of time with you if you're busy. I can work out what you need and deliver a new look quickly.

Graduate Package - $400

This package is suitable for those who have completed their tertiary study and need an outfit for job interviews, and a wardrobe suitable for their new position. This is a fabulous graduation gift and will ensure a working wardrobe is appropriate, flattering, and professional.

Executive Personal Image -i's all about your corporate look. $500 per month. Cancel anytime.

A package deigned for those who a comprehensive image makeover that includes ongoing style maintenance. This is designed for the busy executive who doesn't have time to shop but needs a wardrobe they can go to with confidence. This includes all style requirements from casual Fridays and special occasion function wear, corporate wear, resort wear, and sportswear. Personalised consultation of your wardrobe in your home which includes analysis, editing, and refining your existing wardrobe pieces. Colour, style, and silhouette consultation. Style fashion shopping trip customised to you and your style personality that co-ordinates with two chosen seasons and includes special occasion fashion. Monthly personal fashion shopping strips and wardrobe co-ordination. You can choose to shop with me, or I can bring a selection of fashions items to your home. Hairstyle recommendations and a direction from a top stylist and expert advice on skin care and make-up. Swimwear, sportswear style, and shape guidance. Twelve month access to personalised styling advice.

Business Package - $1,000 minimum. $200 per hour thereafter.

BUSINESS IMAGE – working with your staff to ensure their appearance reinforces your brand A “mystery shopper” experience where I visit your business and identify image areas that need improvement. Meeting with management to share knowledge and processes to improve image and brand-syncing. In-house consultation with groups of staff to discuss how their appearance can reinforce or detract from the company brand. Creating a co-constructed clothing policy that has clear guidelines. As it is co-constructed, staff buy into the policy. New staff style induction meetings. Ongoing workshops to enable staff to improve self-image and maintain confidence in their clothing choices, while representing the company in an appropriate way.

Gift Certificates

GIFT CERTIFICATES The ultimate gift. These are perfect for birthdays, Christmas or any time you want to spoil or reward someone. Perfect in the business and corporate world as a gift to staff or in your personal world to friends and family. There are a number of options available. Please contact me if you would like me to tailor-make a package just for you. 1. Style Flash Certificate: one hour with a personal stylist discussing your clothing or wardrobe issues such as “where do I find jeans to fit my body type?” or “I’ve got a special occasion coming up but I don’t know where to find an outfit” - $150 2. Wardrobe Refresh Certificate: see Personal Wardrobe Refresh package above - $500 3. Personal Shopping Certificate: shopping with a stylist - $150 an hour 4. The Deluxe Gift Certificate: shopping in Melbourne, Australia. Price varies according to flights.


"Fashion consultant! Wardrobe organiser! Stylist! I do not have time to plan my wardrobe, or visit the shops Michelle helped me put together a wardrobe and has taken the stress out of finding the right outfit for any occasion. A very worthwhile investment!"
- Emma

"Michelle sourced a mother of the bride dress for me. It had become a nightmare as I could not find anything suitable and my family had very strong opinons on what they thought I should wear. Michelle found me a fabulous dress that everyone loved! "
- Samantha

"I love shopping with Michelle! After a personal consultation and an overview of my existing wardrobe she has a great instinct for what i like and what will suit me. I feel like a star as Michelle hands clothes into the dressing room. All i need to do is try them on. With Michelle's expertise and understanding of my own style, I find that I love nearly everything I am given to model. It saves me so much time, it saves spending money on all the wrong things and I'm really excited to get out there with my fantastic, revamped, new look. I definitely want to keep Michelle on for the seasons to come."
- Lisa

"I have been working with Michelle Macdonald for a year and her advice and support has been invaluable in terms of giving my wardrobe a revamp. Michelle has learned what clothes and shoes work for me and my lifestyle. She is wonderful to go shopping with as I often look at the racks and really don't know where to start. She simply brings items to the changing room which she thinks could work for me. As I live in Tauranga, Michelle has been happy to travel here and go shopping and I have also met her in Hamilton. Both options have worked very well. Michelle is very sensible in terms of getting value for money from your clothes. I am very happy to recommend Michelle as a fashion stylist. Regards Nicky "
- Nicky


Shopping with your personal stylist!
Looking for something different. Come shopping with your own personal stylist, here in New Zealand or Melbourne Australia. Options available for groups or individuals. Maybe you are looking for a special occasion outfit, an update for the new season clothing or a whole new wardrobe. A fun way to spend a weekend, I can meet you there or make the travel and accommodation arrangements for you. A Basic Wardrobe Refresh and consultation beforehand to ensure directions for items to compliment you and your wardrobe is an advantage, but not a requirement. I will have already scouted the shops for you and with my knowledge of where to go we will make the most of your time.

Buying trips
Or send me shopping and I will do all the hard work! I will send you photos of the items for you to approve. With your measurements only minor alterations maybe necessary and I have the skills to complete these for you.
I currently have clients that I do this for and it works really well, likewise when they are out and about I happily receive texts for an opinion on a garment or accessory. As your stylist it’s my job to do the hard stuff and say when the garment you love is not flattering. Also to help keep you focused on what your wardrobe needs to enhance its versatility, e.g not another top when you should be looking for a skirt or dress!

I have a number of clients who would be happy to share their positive experiences.

‘I love fashion and helping people feel confident and fabulous in what they wear’.


Contact me for a no obligation chat over a coffee and we can discuss what I can do to help you as your personal stylist.

Phone: 027 277 1802

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